Successful listing in the food and pharma sector

Successful listing in the food and pharma sector

More than 15 BECHEM products have been included in the listing of recommended lubricants by IMA DAIRY & FOOD (Benhil GmbH), a globally successful developer and manufacturer of packaging machines for dairy and food products. With an installed base of more than 2,000 filling and wrapping machines, IMA BENHIL is the global market leader for wrapping butter and margarine.

In addition to nine BECHEM products with NSF H1 registration for the food and pharmaceutical industries, including Berusynth 100 H1, Berusynth PG 460 and Berulub FG-H 2 EP, nine other products were listed for the lubrication of chains, gearboxes and the central lubrication of packaging machines.


Drive and conveyor chains in packaging and filling machines are often highly stressed components with speci c lubricant requirements.

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