Successful in France: BECHEM Avantin 451

Successful in France: BECHEM Avantin 451

The French company MBF ALUMINIUM, ST CLAUDE, is one of the leading European specialists in foundry, machining and assembly of aluminium die-cast parts for the automotive industry. By selecting a new cooling lubricant, the machining performance of Heller, Chiron, Brother and Stama’s thirty 4-axis single and twin-spindle machining centres was to be significantly improved. Previously, MBF had worked with an emulsion that was not a sufficiently biostable product.

BECHEM Avantin 451 convinced in a shortlist of three suppliers. In tests on four processing machines, many criteria were tested, among them: Condition of the cutting tools, lubricant consumption per machine/machine group and the absence of contamination of the hydraulic oils. Around forty operators were asked about their experiences after the tests. 92% of them stated that they had not noticed any reaction on the skin or an unpleasant odour from

BECHEM Avantin 451. The machining performance was outstanding, no bacteria were detected in the tanks and the cleanliness of the machines with significantly less chip deposition on the machine walls and the attachments of the cutting tools was convincing. The cooling lubricant is changed only every six months instead of every two months.


BECHEM Avantin 451 for MBF machinery fleet

Technical Dept.

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