If possible, we always recommend opting for a synthetic oil: unlike Mineral Oils, synthetic refrigeration oils guarantee a low environmental impact (both in terms of production and disposal), as well as an almost zero percentage of humidity, that also means a very low incidence in terms of acid formation.

However we are fully aware that the world market is very wide and varied: after having analyzed the strong demand of mineral oil supplies mainly from developing countries, our laboratories have studied advanced formulas, which guarantee the highest quality also for the mineral oils that we manufacture by ourselves.

Mineral Oils by Orafon are composed by a Naphthenic base and additives specially formulated to obtain better lubricity, chemical and thermal stability and an excellent protection against wear of the components of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.


Key Benefit :

–  Excellent Lubricant Ability ;

–  Hydrolytic Stability ;

–  High Compatibility with the materials of all kind of Systems, both new and old ones (with a constant attention to their evolution over the time) ;

–  Low Toxicity ;

–  Reduced Hygroscopicity and Anti-Humidity Additive ;

–  High Thermal Stability to Oxidation ;

–  High Solubility performances with Refrigerants ;

–  Optimal Miscibility with Refrigerants ;