CAS Number  :  75-46-7 (R-23) / 76-16-4 (R-116)
Molecular Mass (g/mol)  :  95.4
Boiling Point at 0 bar  : -124.42 °F / -86.9 °C
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) (CFC-11 = 1.0)  :  0
Global Warming Potential (GWP-AR5) (CO2 = 1.0) (100 year)  :  11,698

ORAFON R-508b is an HFC / PFC (Perfluorocarbon) blend designed to be a replacement for R-503 or R-13 in very low temperature refrigeration systems, such as environmental chambers and biomedical freezers.

ORAFON R-508b can be done either as a vapor or a liquid for charging. They compatible only with Polyolester (POE), Mineral Oil and Alkylbenzene. POE oils absorb moisture quickly when left exposed to the atmosphere. Handle them carefully and avoid prolonged exposure to air.

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