New lubricant concept for electromobility and “Industry 4.0”

New lubricant concept for electromobility and “Industry 4.0”

The switch to new drive concepts in the auto- motive industry as well as other new concepts such as “Industry 4.0” also require new lubricants and lubrication concepts. When it comes to power controllers, which regulate the motor power in the high-voltage range, “parasitic” stray currents can occur. The heat generated by these can lead to discharge craters, selective welds, melting marks as well as oxidation and burning of the lubricant grease.

This can ultimately destroy the bearing. A new lubrication concept based on conductive additives can help counter this. The project “Increasing production efficiency through online measurement of conductive lubricants’ electrical properties” should enable special insights to be gained for “Industry 4.0”. This will involve a sensor system deployed in the ongoing production process to measure the conductive ability of the lubricating grease used in the system, as well as their temperature, wear on the lubricant and wear on the lubricated roller bearing.

In addition, continual state monitoring and optimized state-oriented load regulation will be made available online.

In this project, BECHEM will be entrusted with the development of the specialty lubricant and its adaptation to the sensor system.



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