Many years since the MASTERDRAW® has started in the Tube Industry around the world.

But less people who know the begin of MASTERDRAW®. That’s the reason why we have try to collect them together here.

The MASTERDRAW® that registered under the company who are ETNA PRODUCTS, INC. They were established since 1943 until present. (For more registered Info follow :

ETNA PRODUCTS, INC. was estabished on 1943 and located on OHIO USA. They’re 4th generation family business manufacturing and distributing metalworking lubricants, coolants, rust preventatives and cleaners to customers across the United States and around the world.

One of the main product that they have self manufacture are MASTERDRAW® which under these brand name that wide spread to know and trust in performance for who are Tube Manufacture around the world.

They have variety of MASTERDRAW® Series which depend on requirement of each application. (For more MASTERDRAW® Series Info follow :

The MASTERDRAW® that not only ETNA PRODUCTS, INC. which manufacture and supply in USA market. But also available in Japan market which provide by the IDEMITSU KOSAN CO.,LTD. They have many long history since they’ve start on 1911 until to present.


IDEMITSU KOSAN CO.,LTD. They have many business do have supply in Japan market. But one of the whole business which have many recognized that are the Lubricant Business and some people might be especially know APOLLO Brand.

Look into the Lubricant Business of  IDEMITSU KOSAN CO.,LTD. The MASTERDRAW® were position under the Metal Working Application that can find out more follow : on these MASTERDRAW® Series that we can see their public issue “ they can self manufacture and sole under the license from ETNA PRODUCTS, INC”.

IDEMITSU KOSAN CO.,LTD. does not has located only in Japan. But also in Thai. Under the company name APOLLOTHAI and also MASTERDRAW® be available.


As mention above that the long relation between the ETNA and IDEMITSU or APOLLO which have relate in one product brand. But the business that keep still forward. The ETNA has joint venture with the CARL BECHEM GMBH for expand their product line to Europe Market and as well as CARL BECHEM GMBH export more their product to USA Market too. The KUBITRAC® from CARL BECHEM GMBH that the first of product group which do have full fill in the ETNA’s product line.

But now a day CARL BECHEM GMBH has already acquisition the ETNA PRODUCTS, INC. on April 2014 until present. (For more Info follow :

That’s the reason why CARL BECHEM GMBH has the MASTERDRAW® Series supply to among who are Tube manufacture too.


The CARL BECHEM GMBH was establish since 1834 until present. That’s too long mile stone which you can find out more here :

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