Lubricant power for Siberian cold

Lubricant power for Siberian cold

With two greases, BECHEM High-Lub LM 2 EP for summer and BECHEM High-Lub LM 0 EP for winter application, BECHEM was able to win a new important customer in Russian open- cast mining. For lubricating greases in conveyor belts and heavy equipment such as excavators, dumpers and large bucket-wheel excavators, the low temperatures are often the decisive and ultimate test.

Both BECHEM products are convincing by their excellent low-temperature properties and thus their outstanding pumpability in the partially extremely long pipelines of central lubrication systems.

Information according to GOST about the lower service temperature limit of lubricating greases made by Russian producers cannot be compared to the limits according to DIN. Some examples showed that greases with a lower limit of – 60 °C according to GOST can only be used up to a temperature of – 40 °C as per DIN specification account to Kesternich.

Open-cast mining equipment operated in winter.

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