High performance in the steel industry – Berutox M 21 KN

High performance in the steel industry – Berutox M 21 KN

Our top-seller in the heavy industry, the high-temperature grease Berutox M 21 KN, is convincing in ore pellet plants of a leading steel producer.

The pellets (balls of fine ore and aggregates), important for crude iron production in blast furnaces, are dried and hardened in the travelling grate furnace of the pellet plant. The used high-temperature grease has to provide lubricating properties and prevent false air from entering the furnace
(to maintain the furnace atmosphere).

The selected BECHEM lubricant has to seal the gap between grate cars and fixed housing of the furnace at extreme temperatures. The lubricant classic Berutox M 21 KN is convincing by its excellent consistency-temperature behavior. With its outstanding performance, this polyurea grease is superior to known competitive products for this specific application.


Blast furnace plant

Advantages at a glance:
· Better sealing properties
· Higher process stability since risk of entrance of false air is excluded
· Less friction/less wear
· Lower fuel consumption by exclusion of false air
· Lower power consumption of the main drive by reduced friction


Sealing and lubrication at extreme temperatures in travelling grate furnace by Berutox M 21 KN

Technical Dept.

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