Convincing: The new chain oil Berusynth CB 180 H 1

Convincing: The new chain oil Berusynth CB 180 H 1

The new high-temperature chain oil with NSF-H1 approval shows its outstanding performance in lab tests carried out in the BECHEM technical centre. In various evaporation tests – in these tests the oil evaporation on a hot chain is simulated in laboratory ovens – and in lubricity tests on a special SRV (friction and wear) test rig, the new BECHEM product exceeded the performance of its most popular H1 test opponent. Even in the evaporation test Berusynth CB 180 H1 remains liquid over a considerably longer period, at 210°C even twice the time compared to the competitive quality.

At a constant temperature of 230°C in long time tests (20 hours) the reference product had already embrittled and hardened after a short time. Berusynth CB 180 H1, however, could be reconditioned by adding fresh oil even after 30 hours. Thus excellent wear protection is achieved. The new synthetic high-performance product is best suited for the lubrication of high-temperature chains such as in conveyor systems, baking and drying ovens in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


Transmission and conveyor chains

Technical Dept.

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