Berucoat AF 732 for safe steering columns in vehicles

In the case of a frontal collision, the crash element ensures that the steering column collapses in a de ned manner, thus preventing the steering wheel from penetrating further into the vehicle interior. The crash element is often installed in a light metal housing in which an inner tube is guided. Depending on the construction, the tube is equipped with additional guiding elements. If a frontal collision occurs, enormous surface pressures arise short-term between these components. Despite this extreme load, a constant minimum reaction time of the crash system over the entire operating temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C is indispensable for the safety of the vehicle occupants.

For these and other high-tech applications, BECHEM has specifically developed the heat curing anti-friction coating Berucoat AF 732 for the coating of metal material combinations using the latest raw material and testing technologies. The coefficients of friction of the MoS2/PTFE-based anti-friction coating remain reliably constant even under the most extreme operating conditions and maximum loads. This is why leading automotive suppliers successfully use Berucoat AF 732 for the coating of their crash elements.


Constant coefficients of friction even under most extreme operation conditions.

New KAHL maintenance instructions with 11 BECHEM lubricants

Under the following link you can download the latest original KAHL manual “Instructions concerning maintenance – Pellet presses and pan grinder mills. All types.” In addition it is available on the BECHEM homepage for authorized BECHEM sales partners.

The instruction recommends 11 BECHEM special lubricants for different applications for pellet presses and edge mills.


Copyright Amandus Kahl GmbH, Reinbek

Berucut XC for more reliability and safety

BECHEM XC Fluids have been developed for demanding machining applications and, thanks to their innovative base fluids and synergistic additive technology, are convincing more and more well-known manufacturers in the metalworking industry.

Compared with conventional metalworking oils, the Berucut XC series exhibits significantly better viscosity-temperature behavior at both high and low process temperatures, thus contributing to a significant increase in productivity. The mineral oil free BECHEM XC fluids are based on synthetic base fluids and ensure a stable and safe production process.

Many customers appreciate not only the better performance but also the increased occupational safety: Compared to conventional mineral oils, the use of Berucut XC Fluids has reduced evaporation losses by more than a quarter and significantly reduced odour nuisance. The base oils of the Berucut XC series also impress in the ppb range (parts per billion) with their extremely low PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) content and thus stand out clearly from highly refined hydrocrack grades.


Berucut XC : Significantly better viscosity-temperature behavior at both high and low process temperatures.

Successful listing in the food and pharma sector

More than 15 BECHEM products have been included in the listing of recommended lubricants by IMA DAIRY & FOOD (Benhil GmbH), a globally successful developer and manufacturer of packaging machines for dairy and food products. With an installed base of more than 2,000 filling and wrapping machines, IMA BENHIL is the global market leader for wrapping butter and margarine.

In addition to nine BECHEM products with NSF H1 registration for the food and pharmaceutical industries, including Berusynth 100 H1, Berusynth PG 460 and Berulub FG-H 2 EP, nine other products were listed for the lubrication of chains, gearboxes and the central lubrication of packaging machines.


Drive and conveyor chains in packaging and filling machines are often highly stressed components with speci c lubricant requirements.

Again: Brose Innovation Award.

In 2018 BECHEM was again honored with the Brose Innovation Award and was the only nominated lubricant manufacturer to receive an invitation to the Brose Innovation Day in Auburn Hills, USA.

BECHEM’s Global Customer Team received the Innovation Award for Top Innovation of 2018 for outstanding concepts that significantly contribute to the comfort and service life of door modules by reducing closing forces.

We are excited about how our continuous development efforts and technical support are valued by our automotive customers.


Successful in France: BECHEM Avantin 451

The French company MBF ALUMINIUM, ST CLAUDE, is one of the leading European specialists in foundry, machining and assembly of aluminium die-cast parts for the automotive industry. By selecting a new cooling lubricant, the machining performance of Heller, Chiron, Brother and Stama’s thirty 4-axis single and twin-spindle machining centres was to be significantly improved. Previously, MBF had worked with an emulsion that was not a sufficiently biostable product.

BECHEM Avantin 451 convinced in a shortlist of three suppliers. In tests on four processing machines, many criteria were tested, among them: Condition of the cutting tools, lubricant consumption per machine/machine group and the absence of contamination of the hydraulic oils. Around forty operators were asked about their experiences after the tests. 92% of them stated that they had not noticed any reaction on the skin or an unpleasant odour from

BECHEM Avantin 451. The machining performance was outstanding, no bacteria were detected in the tanks and the cleanliness of the machines with significantly less chip deposition on the machine walls and the attachments of the cutting tools was convincing. The cooling lubricant is changed only every six months instead of every two months.


BECHEM Avantin 451 for MBF machinery fleet

BECHEM Avantin 3309 –A best-seller for deep drilling

The production of precise bore holes with high repeat accuracy and excellent surfaces is often a difficult processing operation. With BECHEM Avantin 3309, we are again setting a new bench- mark for the world of drilling. A leading user from the industrial chemistry sector has achieved extended tool life around 30 times higher than competitors in their production of plant and system components thanks to botek single flute gun drills (soldered carbide cutting and turning plate systems).

Despite the difficult conditions, a cooling lubricant service life of more than 15 months has been attained without requiring the use of additives. The materials used (1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4404 and 1.2316 as well as nickel- based alloys) were able to be processed reliably.


Deep drilling machine

New lubricant concept for electromobility and “Industry 4.0”

The switch to new drive concepts in the auto- motive industry as well as other new concepts such as “Industry 4.0” also require new lubricants and lubrication concepts. When it comes to power controllers, which regulate the motor power in the high-voltage range, “parasitic” stray currents can occur. The heat generated by these can lead to discharge craters, selective welds, melting marks as well as oxidation and burning of the lubricant grease.

This can ultimately destroy the bearing. A new lubrication concept based on conductive additives can help counter this. The project “Increasing production efficiency through online measurement of conductive lubricants’ electrical properties” should enable special insights to be gained for “Industry 4.0”. This will involve a sensor system deployed in the ongoing production process to measure the conductive ability of the lubricating grease used in the system, as well as their temperature, wear on the lubricant and wear on the lubricated roller bearing.

In addition, continual state monitoring and optimized state-oriented load regulation will be made available online.

In this project, BECHEM will be entrusted with the development of the specialty lubricant and its adaptation to the sensor system.



“Halal certification” update – the first globally valid halal certificate

All 37 halal products stocked by BECHEM in the range “Lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industry” now feature the first globally valid halal certificate. BECHEM customers in Indonesia and Malaysia can now be supplied in compliance with halal requirements since the new certification provider, Halal Certification Services (HCS), has been authorized by the respective bodies in Indonesia (MUI) and Malaysia (JAKIM) to perform halal certification. Halal certificates can be obtained from your internal BECHEM sales department.

Important: Sales literature featuring the logos from previously used halal certification providers may, for legal reasons, only be used if the logos have been covered with stickers or otherwise made unidentifiable. As of immediately, logos for H1, H2, 3H, kosher and halal certifiers may not be printed in brochures. The new English and German brochure “Specialty lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industry” is currently being printed. The current brochure “Chain oils” will be distributed from the Hagen warehouse with stickers covering the labels.


Baked goods production

In-Vitro Cytotoxicity – Best Score For Berucut XC 1015

Products that are used in medical technology must fulfil special requirements regarding their toxicity and compatibility with biological systems. In-vitro cytotoxicity is the determination or exclusion of a possible cytotoxic potential of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials and substances in validated cellular test systems according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 10993-5:2009. The new metalworking fluid Berucut XC 1015 has passed the test for in-vitro cytotoxicity with the best possible score (reactivity 0).