Berulub OX 100 EP obtains NSF-H1 approval

Berulub OX 100 EP obtains NSF-H1 approval

In the food processing and pharmaceutical industry food gases have to fulfill various tasks. For modified atmosphere packaging carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen alone or in combination are used during the production process. As an important tool in the production equipment, lubricants have to meet the high standards, such as H1 requirements.

For the application in gas plants, BECHEM offers the known high-performance lubricant Berulub OX 100 EP, H1 certified with immediate effect. The lubricant for oxygen installations and components such as pivot joints, stop, control and non-return valves, are compatible with plastics and elastomer and has been tested by the BAM (German Institute for Materials Research and Testing).

The completely inert lubricant on PFPE (perfluoropolyether) basis excels in a very wide service temperature range from -30 to +200 °C.


Modified atmosphere packaging.

Technical Dept.

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