ProductKinematic viscosity at 40˚C [mm 2 /s]Flash point approx.[˚C]Type Of protective filmLayer thickness approx.[µm]Period of protection internal storagePeriod of protection external storageRemark
Beruprotect 25 S-≥62like vaseline39-12 Months3-6 Months
Beruprotect 30 W-≥62waxy412-15 Months6-8 Months
Beruprotect DW 5V-≥62like vaseline0.72-3 Months-
Beruprotect DW 12V-≥62like vaseline19-12 Months3-6 Months
Beruprotect DW 20M-≥62oily36-9 Months2-3 Months
Beruprotect M 66≥125oily-2-3 Months-
Beruprotect M 2020≥155oily-4-5 Months-
Beruprotect M 4040≥170oily-6-8 Months2-3 Months
Beruprotect M 5050≥170oily-8-10 Months3-4 Months
Beruprotect Spray--waxy20-30up to 3-4 yearsup to 2 years
Beruprotect WM 190 M125-oily-up to 12 months, depending on concentration-
Beruprotect WM 3620 W--waxy-2-9 months, depending on concentration1-3 months, depending on concentration
BECHEM High-Lub SW 2100-pasty-up to 2 yearsup to 1 years
BECHEM Unopol SV 2 KF100-pasty--up to 10 years
Beruprotect Rope Dressing-≥140----