Drawing oil

Examples of Application
·  Drawing of non-ferrous tubes with high to low wall thickness
·  Specifically for drawing of copper tubes on drum drawing machines and drawing benches
·  Wet drawing after quenching operations possible
·  Ideal drawing oil for multi stage drawing processes

·  Copper
·  Brass
·  Copper / nickel alloys

·  Cleanest surfaces without contaminating the annealing atmosphere
·  Excellent viscosity index
·  Long tool life
·  Contains mineral oil
·  Chlorine free *

Characteristic data
·  Appearance : amber liquid


Density at 20 °C g/cm3 0.87 – 0.89

AA_003-9 acc. to DIN 51757

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C

mm2/s 220 – 285

AA_003-132 acc. to ASTM D 446

Flash point

°C ≥ 150

AA_003-125 acc. to DIN EN ISO 2592


Instructions for use

·  Can be applied volume controlled in TOTAL LOSS ® procedure, manually, or in recirculation lubrication when suitable pump systems can be used

·  Can be easily cleaned by vapor degreasing or solvent washing methods.

·  Storage : Container to be stored under dry and frost protected conditions. Temperature range +5 °C to +50 °C