Water miscible drawing paste

Examples of Application
·  Drawing of tubes, rods and profiles

·  Steel
·  Stainless steel
·  Non-ferrous metal

·  Contains AW additive
·  Suitable for high loads
·  Long tool life
·  Chlorine and heavy metal free *

Characteristic data
·  Appearance : light brown paste



1/10 mm 200 – 240

AA_003-59 acc. to DIN ISO 2137

pH value, 5%

9.3 – 10.0

AA_003-33 acc. to DIN 51369


Instructions for use

·  Since bath temperatures below 60 °C are sufficient for low bath concentrations which, in turn, produce thin lubricating films

·  This cold dipping process is only recommended for moderate forming operations

·  Whereas hot dipping would enable more severe forming operations to be achieved. Workpieces to be drawn should be kept in the solution until they have taken on bath temperature which allows them to dry quickly.

·  As soon as they have dried a dry lubricating film is left on the workpiece which can now be deep drawn or drawn on single line drawing benches.

·  Concentrations vary between 5 % – 20 % depending on material and severity of the process.

·  Storage : Container to be stored under dry and frost-protected conditions. Temperature range +5 °C to +60 °C

* Chlorine and heavy metal are not part of the product formulation