Water miscible drawing paste

Examples of Application
·  Peeled, blasted or annealed and pickled tubes, rods and profiles made of copper and copper alloys.
·  Concentration depending on the forming degree and number of drafts : 5–10% by weight.
·  Phosphated steel tubes and profiles, one draft. Concentration : 8 – 15 % by weight.

·  Resistant to ingressed electrolytes
·  Low pH value, thus lower alkaline corrosion
·  Good water soluble
·  Easy processing

Characteristic data
·  Appearance : yellow, solid paste


Grease content

% 37 – 43

AA_003-155 acc. to DIN 51559/1

Water content

% 45 – 55

AA_003-153 acc. to DIN 51777/1

Neutralization number

mg KOH/g 20 – 25

AA_003-91 acc. to DIN 51558

pH value (10% in DI water, 20 °C)

8.8 – 9.3

AA_003-33 acc. to DIN 51369


Instructions for use

·  Used in recycled heating immersion baths at bath temperatures between 30 °C and 50 °C. The desired film thickness can be adjusted by the bath concentration

·  After removal from the bath a uniform and smooth film is formed on the surface of the parts

·  Depending on the degree of drafts one to three reductions are possible on the dried, flexible film

·  Even without degreasing bright surfaces are obtained in a subsequent annealing process under inert gas

·  Storage: Container to be stored under dry and frost protected conditions. Temperature range +5 °C to +40 °C