Multi purpose lubricant suitable for salt water atmosphere Long term corrosion protection

Examples of Application
·  Winches, screws, hinges, open gears, cylinder guides, threaded spindles and other machine parts of off shore machinery, ship yards, underwater equipment, ship cranes, lifts, yachts, contact rails or distributors, clamping devices for containers or trailers
·  Machines and equipment in wet sections in textile and paper industry
·  Journal and roller bearings and other machine parts of water pumps, water turbines, flood gates, escalators and car wash systems
·  Especially suitable for steel ropes exposed to aggressive environmental conditions
·  Corrosion protection grease for parts in direct contact with water

·  Very good water resistance and excellent corrosion protection against sea water
·  Very good spray ability
·  Very high wear protection by EP additive

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature : -25 °C to +80 °C
·  Appearance : brown
·  Propellant : propane / butane


Base oil

Mineral oil

Kin. viscosity at 40 °C

mm2/s approx. 100

DIN 51562

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C mm2/s approx. 9

DIN 51562


Instructions for use

·  Corrosion protection during indoor storage:

·  Corrosion protection during outdoor storage: up to 1 year

·  The aerosol has to be carefully shaken prior to use

·  Product should be applied outside or with sufficient ventilation

Also available :

·  BECHEM High-Lub SW 2 – 9004372 – multi purpose lubricant

·  BECHEM High-Lub SW 2 V – 5310401 – grease dispersion for dipping or spraying

Please observe the instructions of the current EEC Health & Safety Data Sheet