Synthetic high performance chain oil developed for cleaning chains during operation

Examples of Application
·  Cleaning of chains
·  Preparation of the chain to lubricant changes
·  Conveyor chains running at high temperatures in drying furnaces, e.g. in the textile industry, production of panels and insulation material
·  Conveyor chains used in the production of molded board and paint shops

·  Excellent cleaning effect
·  Removes deposits caused by oil ageing at high temperatures
·  High load carrying capacity
·  Reduces friction
·  Excellent wear protection
·  Easy handling
·  Suitable for automatic lubrication systems
·  Tailored to the Berusynth chain lubricants of the CU and CW range

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature : -30 °C to +230 °C
·  Appearance : amber *
·  Denomination : ANELP 100


Density at 15 °C

g/cm3 0.93

DIN 51757

Kin. viscosity at 40 °C

mm2/s 100

DIN 51562

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C

mm2/s 13.6

DIN 51562

Viscosity Index


DIN ISO 2909

Pour point

°C -39

DIN ISO 3016


Instructions for use

·  For short to medium term use on contaminated chains to dissolve residues

·  Strongly contaminated chains have to be pre-cleaned so that Berusynth CC 100 can easily penetrate the lubricating gap

·  Check compatibility with plastics and paints prior to use

·  Change e.g. to Berusynth chain oils can be done without any additional special measures

·  Not miscible with oils based on poly glycol

* A possible increase in color saturation when subjected to light does not affect the oil quality