Pharmaceutical Vaseline

Examples of Application
·  To protect surfaces from corrosion and as lubricant in case there are only minor requirements to aging resistance, pressure absorption, temperature and re lubrication intervals
·  Pharmaceutical applications
·  Tubular tracks in slaughterhouses

·  Neutral in smell
·  Meets the requirements of Pharmacopoea Europaea und United States Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.)

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature range  : -20°C to+45°C
·  Appearance: light colored, pasty consistency

Registration / Certificates
· H1 registered
·  ISO 21469
·  Kosher certificate
·  Halal certificate



1/10 mm 150 – 185 DIN 51580

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C

mm2/s 7.5

DIN 51562

Solidification point °C 53

DIN ISO 2207


Instructions for use

·  Can be applied manually by brush or in melted condition, whereby the part can also be wetted by dipping

·  Has to be protected against heat, water, dust and light and must be stored in closed rooms

According to valid legislation, the product is not hazardous to health

* This lubricant is not suitable for consumption