Non water miscible, volatilizing forming fluid

Examples of Application
·  Punching, bending and stamping of small parts
·  Fine sheets up to approx. 1 mm

·  Steel
·  Aluminium
·  Copper
·  Brass

·  Leaves almost residue free and touch dry surfaces
·  Chlorine free *, sulphur and heavy metal free
·  Also suitable for processing of non-ferrous metals

Characteristic data
·  Appearance : colorless, clear fluid


Density at 20 °C

g/cm3 0.75 – 0.77

AA_003-9 acc. to DIN 51757

Kin. viscosity at 20 °C

mm2/s 1.8 – 2.2

AA_003-133 acc. to DIN 51562

Flash point

°C ≥ 45

AA_003-125 acc. to DIN EN ISO 2592


Instructions for use

·  Applied by spraying, immersion, brush or rolling

·  The processed parts can be easily cleaned with conventional cleaners based on halogen free solvents or aqueous alkaline degreasing baths

* Chlorine containing additives are not part of the product formulation