Lubricant for massive forming of aluminium

Examples of Application
·  Complex parts for massive forming
·  Bending
·  Punching
·  Deep drawing

·  Aluminium
·  Non-ferrous metals
·  Steel

·  Synthetic aqueous wax suspension
·  Good release effect
·  Good wear protection

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature tool : +100 °C to +320 °C
·  Appearance : white


Evaporation residue

% 18 – 22


Density at 20 °C

g/cm3 1.0 – 1.2

AA_003-9 acc. to DIN 51757

Efflux time at 20 °C

s 45 – 90

AA_003-121 acc. to EN ISO 2431/2

pH value

10.5 – 12.0

AA_003-33 acc. to DIN 51369


Instructions for use

·  Physical

Pre treatment of surfaces to be coated
·  Surfaces have to be clean and free from grease

Product application
·  Storage: Container to be stored under dry and frost protected conditions. Temperature range +5 °C to +40 °C
·  Water miscible in any ratio to adjust the desired service concentration
·  Required thickness is determined by the corresponding concentration

Coating processes

Blank sections
·  Inductive heating up to 90 to max. 95 °C
·  Flood for approx. 2 sec.
·  Complete drying – if necessary with hot air

Construction elements
·  Heat coating bath to 50 to max. 60 °C
·  Dip parts for about 5 min. into a coating bath by means of drum or tunnel machine (duration depends on geometry and mass).

Permanent agitation of the coating bath is necessary!
·  Allow parts to drip off
·  Complete drying – if necessary with hot air

Wire / sheet coils
·  Surface has to be free from electrolytes from the pickling bath
·  For pickled coils temporary corrosion protection has to be applied in the last rinsing bath
·  Pickling of hydrogen annealed coils should be avoided in order to prevent contamination of the surfaces

Coating bath
·  pH value should be situated between 8.5 and 9.5
·  Protect against ingress of acids and preserving agents
·  Monthly analysis with regard to bacterial attack and ingress of foreign substances (Fe, Zn, P) recommended
·  Determination of pH value and solid content by evaporation test

Parts cleaning
·  Alkaline with water at a temperature between approx. 60 – 70 °C

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