Two component PTFE anti friction coating

Examples of application
·  For life lubrication of construction parts e.g. used on cranes
·  Especially for tribological optimization of existing grease lubrication

Material combinations
·  Metal / plastic
·  Plastic / plastic

·  Very good adhesion on metal surfaces
·  Enables curing without heat supply
·  Suitable for coating of solvent resistant plastics
·  No adhesion of dust and dirt
·  Reduction of the friction force and stick slip effect
·  Excellent corrosion protection
·  Oil resistant after curing

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature : -70 °C to +250 °C


Density at 20 °C

g/cm3 approx. 1.01

AA_003-9 acc. to DIN 51757

Efflux time at 20 °C nozzle 4

s 10 – 12

ASTM_003-121 acc. to DIN EN ISO 2431

Solid content

% 31.5 – 34.5





·  Organic binder

·  Organic solvent

Preparation of the coating

·  Check container for sediment and stir until the coating is homogeneous

·  Mix the required amount of paint in a mixing ratio of 6.3 : 1 with Berucoat AF 339-2 (Part No. 4106009)

·  Mix components one and two until homogeneous and let them stand for another 5 minutes.

·  Viscosity can be adjusted with AFC Solvent B if required

·  As component two reacts with moisture, avoid exposure

·  Pot life approx. 1h, after that the coating should no longer be used

Instructions for application

·  Parts must be cleaned and degreased thoroughly before coating

·  Check compatibility with plastic parts

·  Improved adhesion on metal surfaces by : sandblasting and/or grinding

·  Improved adhesion on plastics by plasma treatment

·  Coating must be stirred well before use

·  High economic efficiency thanks to very low consumption (1 kg is sufficient for a surface of up to 20 m2)

·  Application by spraying, painting or rolling, depending on the required surface quality

·  Cure : Touch dry after approx. 1h, can be handled after approx. 3 days, fully cured after approx. 7 days, depending on ambient temperature and layer thickness

·  Optimal thickness of coating : approx. 15 – 40 μm

·  Recommended diluting agent : AFC Solvent B

·  Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, nozzle 4 mm 10 – 13 s (DIN 53211 *)

Shelf life

·  At least 24 months from date of production when stored at ambient temperatures (approx. 20 °C) in the original sealed container

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