BECHEM Avantin 3309 –A best-seller for deep drilling

BECHEM Avantin 3309 –A best-seller for deep drilling

The production of precise bore holes with high repeat accuracy and excellent surfaces is often a difficult processing operation. With BECHEM Avantin 3309, we are again setting a new bench- mark for the world of drilling. A leading user from the industrial chemistry sector has achieved extended tool life around 30 times higher than competitors in their production of plant and system components thanks to botek single flute gun drills (soldered carbide cutting and turning plate systems).

Despite the difficult conditions, a cooling lubricant service life of more than 15 months has been attained without requiring the use of additives. The materials used (1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4404 and 1.2316 as well as nickel- based alloys) were able to be processed reliably.


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