Water miscible drawing paste

Examples of Application
·  Annealed ferrous wires, blank, phosphatised or copper plated, single draft with low forming degree (max. 10%). Concentration : 8 – 12 % by weight. The paste produces a uniformly dark, almost black surface on the phosphatised wires.
·  Peeled, blasted or annealed and pickled tubes, rods and profiles of copper and copper alloys. Concentration depending on the forming degree and number of drafts : 8 – 15 % by weight.
·  Oxalic acid treated precious steel tubes and profiles, one draft. Concentration : 12 – 20 % by weight.

·  Copper and copper alloys

·  Easily water soluble
·  High reductions possible

Characteristic data
·  Appearance : yellow, solid paste


Grease content

% 40 – 50

AA_003-155 acc. to DIN 51559/1

Water content

% 45 – 55

AA_003-153 acc. to DIN 51777/1

Free alkali content

% ≥ 0.3


pH value (10% in DI water, 20 °C)

9.5 – 10.5

AA_003-33 acc. to DIN 51369


Instructions for use

·  Used in recycled heating immersion baths at bath temperatures between 70 °C and 90 °C. The desired film thickness can be adjusted via the bath concentration

·  The resting time is chosen that the dipped parts can dry by their internal heat after removal from the bath. For the successful use it is absolutely necessary that the applied drawing lubricant film dries completely. Especially in case of thin tubes and wires a final drying process might be required

·  Storage : Container to be stored under dry and frost protected conditions. Temperature range +5 °C to +60 °C