Noise damping silicone lubricant

Examples of Application / Industries
·  Flap mechanism for HVAC Systems
·  Difference kinematic construction parts
·  Sealing grease
·  Assembly grease
·  Automotive industry

Material combinations
·  Plastics / plastics
·  Plastics / steel
·  Elastomer

·  Good plastic and elastomer compatibility
·  Very good high and low temperature resistance
·  Hot and cold water resistance
·  Prevents stick slip
·  Noise damping
·  Neutral in smell
·  Suitable for lifetime lubrication
·  Good release effect
·  Excellent fogging behaviour

Characteristic data
·  Service temperature : -50 °C to +180 °C
·  Appearance : white
·  NLGI grade : 1 – 2 *



Polytetrafluoroethylene  PTFE

Unworked penetration

1/10 mm 280 – 320

DIN ISO 2137

Density at 20 °C

g/cm3 approx. 1.21

DIN 51757

Flow pressure at -40 °C

mbar ≤ 200

DIN 51805

Oil separation (80 °C/168 h)

% ≤ 2.5

DIN 51817

Fogging behaviour (100 °C)

mg ≤ 2

DIN 75201-B

Base oil

Special silicone oil

Kin. viscosity at 40 °C

mm2/s approx. 3,500

DIN 51562

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C

mm2/s approx. 1,500

DIN 51562


Instructions for use

·For manual and automatic dosing

·Prior to serial production product compatibility tests are recommended

According to valid legislation, the product is not hazardous to health

* The indication refers to the unworked penetration

When using automatic dosing devices the following has to be observed :

·  Care for technically correct and controlled electrical grounding of the lubrication system

·  Avoid ingress of air when refilling the grease

·  Careful ventilation of the dosing equipment prior to initial operation

·  Use appropriate high pressure hoses of sufficient dimension, avoid narrow cable cross sections

·  Keep the lubricant pump pressure as low as possible

·  Avoid sudden ‘pressure peaks’ when pumping

·  Equip the system with pressure control valves and blow-out discs

·  Equip the system with a dry run safety system in order to avoid air suctioning

·  Contact the pump manufacturer with regard to the above measures

·  Observe the instructions given by the grease manufacturer in the corresponding safety data sheets and the operating instructions of the plant manufacturer

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