High temperature and antiseize spray

Examples of Application
·  Screw, plug or bayonet connections also of stainless steel
·  Universal lubricating paste for industry, mining, power stations and foundries
·  Chains of large diameters subjected to very high temperatures
·  Screw connections subjected to very high temperatures
·  To seal and ensure the mobility of mechanisms such as valves, slides or metal seals used in the chemical industry
·  Pins, bolts, flanges, spindles in the high temperature range
·  Priming lubricant for the assembly of loose kiln tyres of rotary kilns

·  High copper content allows formation of a stable, temperature resistant protective layer on mating surfaces subjected to high contact pressure
·  Prevents cold welding of high alloy threaded steels
·  High content of solid lubricants guarantees long separation effect of the contact surfaces
·  Special combination of solid lubricants guarantees low breakaway torque of mechanical connections, guarantees a narrowly defined starting torque and prevents excessive elongation or insufficient pre tensioning of screw connections

Characteristic data
·  Thermal stability base material : -30 °C to +1150 °C
·  Appearance : cup reous
·  Propellant : Propane / Butane


Data of the active ingredient



Unworked penetration

1/10 mm 310 – 340 DIN ISO 2137

Base oil

Poly glycol
Kin. viscosity at 40 °C mm2/s approx. 370

DIN 51562

Kin. viscosity at 100 °C mm2/s approx. 60

DIN 51562

Solid lubricant content % > 30 %


Instructions for use

·  Do not spray on hot surfaces

·  Shake well before use

·  Apply uniform thin layer on clean surfaces

·  Spraying also possible when spraying can is held upside down

Please observe the advice given in the current EEC Health & Safety Data Sheet