Synthetic metalworking fluid

Examples of Application
·  Easy to medium cutting operations such as turning, drilling, milling, sawing
·  Punching, bending, spinning and rolling
·  Reaming and thread cutting

·  Low alloyed steels
·  Stainless steel
·  Non-ferrous metal
·  Aluminium alloys

·  Excellent flushing properties
·  Long tool life
·  Good corrosion protection
·  Chlorine and heavy metal free *
·  Mineral oil free
·  Highly suitable for minimum quantity lubrication

Characteristic data
·  Appearance : colorless, clear fluid


Density at 15 °C

g/cm3 0.835 – 0.857

AA_003-9 acc. to DIN 51757

Kin. viscosity at 40 °C

mm2/s 24.3 – 29.7

AA_003-133 acc. to DIN 51562

Flash point

°C ≥ 170

AA_003-125 acc. to DIN EN ISO 2592

Pour point

°C -20

AA_003-129 acc. to DIN ISO 3016


Instructions for use

·  Used undiluted and sprayed, brushed or dripped on the work pieces

·  The formed pieces can be easily cleaned with conventional solvents or in aqueous alkaline degreasing baths

* Chlorine and heavy metal are not part of the product formulation