Heat curing anti friction coating on solvent basis

BERUCOAT AF 991 is a heat curing dry lubricant which, is thanks to the ingredients, especially suitable for the coating of the material combination metal / metal.

BERUCOAT AF 991 offers due to the very special solid lubricant combination an extremely wear resistant surface on metal parts as well as low friction values and a high temperature resistance.

The viscosity of BERUCOAT AF 991 offers the possibility to apply the product by screen printing.

BERUCOAT AF 991 is well suitable for life time lubrication of high loaded friction combinations, especially to coat pistons e.g. in the automotive industry.

BERUCOAT AF 991 can also be used in case of permanent contact with oils and greases.

·  Permanent service temperature -40 °C to +250 °C
·  Peak temperature up to +350 °C
·  Very good adhesion on metal surfaces
·  Good corrosion protection properties
·  Oil, grease and solvent resistant


  Technical data

Appearance coating

black liquid CB-A-014

Appearance dry film

black CB-A-014

Density at 20 °C

g/cm3 1.29 – 1.31 DIN 51 757
Dyn. viscosity at 23 °C Pas 26 – 33

DIN 51 810-1

Brookfield viscosity at 23 °C Pas 50 – 70

ASTM D 2196

Solid content % 43 – 46



·  Solid lubricants
·  Organic binder
·  Organic solvent

Instructions for application
·  Prior to coating, the construction parts have to be carefully cleaned and degreased
·  Improved adhesion on the surface by : Sand blasting and / or phosphatisation
·  Coating has to be stirred well before use
·  During the process high humidity has to be avoided
·  High efficiency by very low consumption (1 kg is sufficient for a surface of up to 20 m2)
·  Application by screen printing or other printing processes
·  Diluted coating can be applied by spraying, immersion or centrifugation
·  As diluting agent we recommend AFC SOLVENT P
·  Curing at 215 °C : approx. 15 minutes object temperature
·  Recommended film thickness : approx. 5 – 20 μm

Shelf  life and storage
Min. 24 months from production date in closed container at room temperature (approx. 20 °C).

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